Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Kaitiaki (Maori God) art

My Kaitiaki (Maori God) is Tangoroa. I used cool text to write some adjectives about my god. I really enjoyed doing this.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Multiplication Strategies

My Reflection
I am learning how to use different strategies to solve multiplication problems. I have learnt using knowing facts to solve strategy. I find it easy because I know my basic facts well. My next step is to learn more strategies to solve multiplication strategies and to solve more bigger equations involving bigger digits.

My Chapter Book Challenge #43

My Term 2 Week 10 recount

Last Thursday, it was Matariki. At school, we had our Matariki rotation.

First, we line up into our lines at the netball court. I was in group 13. There is a lot of little kids in my group I said to myself I had to get them good. So I tell myself i need to try be the best.

Next, Mrs Walker and Mrs Adamson take us to the basketball court to play Matariki midnight. Mrs Adamson said a Maori number to us and we need to remember it and then Mrs Adamson calls the number you need to run all the way around and to your spot and grab the poi who grabs the poi first who gets to get to the next level, you'll start with your number and then twilight and then starlight and then Matariki midnight and who got to get out of the Matariki midnight first you are the winner. In our group Najwah win the game. Then, we played I spy with Mrs Walker and Mrs Adamson as well.

After that, we went to room 7 to fold a flower. We first get a stripe of paper one of the side is sticky and one of the side is not sticky. then we follow the instructions and then the flower is made. It was awesome some of the people put them on their shirt or their head. After that, we watched the Maori videos.

Finally, we went to room 10 to make our star. First we have been given a piece of a paper that have a star outline on it. Then we need to decorate it with Maori designs I designed it with korus, After that, we cut the star out and then we made it.

And then we went back to class and then we have lunch. I had a great day. I am looking foward to do these rotation again.

Monday, 22 June 2015

My Speech for 2015

Why you should brush your teeth 1-3 times a day 
Do you know there are already hundreds of people who have bad teeth today? Well lets get on to my speech. Hi I’m Norah and I ‘m going to tell you 1? 2? No! 3 reasons about why you should brush your teeth 1-3 times a day.
My first reason is that your month is one of the primary parts of entry into your body. Food, bacteria, almost everything inside of you passed through it at one point to another. This means that when something as critical as your mouth becomes infested with harmful bacteria will cause gingivitis or periodontists, it will inevitably affect the rest of you body.
My second reason is if you don’t brush your teeth you‘ll probably lose your teeth, brushing 1-3 can potentially save you much than a couple cheap pair of dentures.
My third reason is if you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will bleed, if you teeth are bleeding and your mouth is overflowing with plaque and bacteria, it will eventually make its way into your bloodstream. Unfortunately this means that it will eventually pass through your heart, and plaque your heart is never a good thing.

In conclusion, as I said at the beginning that there are already hundreds of people who have bad teeth and we don’t want more people having bad teeth we don’t want more. Even you are lazy to brush your teeth well you have heard my 3 reasons why.Thank You for listening to my speech!!!
My Reflection
I have been learning how to write a informative speech. I now know that a informative speech must have a introduction, 3 fact or reasons and a conclusion. I find it easy because I just copied the information online. my next step is to write a persuasive speech.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Term 2 week 9 Multiplication Challenge

My Reflection
I have been learning how to use different strategies to solve multiplication problems. I have learnt Place Value Partitioning, Rounding and compensating  and using knowing facts I now know these strategies. I find this easy because I know my basic facts. My next step is to solve bigger digit problems.

My Certificate for reading 10 Chapter Books

Inline image 1
My Reflection
This is my certificate that I got from assembly for reading 10 Chapter Books. I feel really happy.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Term 2 Week 9 recount

Dear diary,
In our class we have been doing a different thing to other classes called weekly tasks. What do we do is that Mrs Melville and Mrs Graham has set up a list of must do tasks every week and we get to choose to do our own activities each week.
This week I have not use my time wisely and haven't got much tasks finished. NO! I was just joking it was the best week and I have got nearly everything finished.
This is the best week!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Term 2 Week 8 recount

The new kitten
On Friday I got a new kitten from my sister's friend's house.
First, we went to the pet shop and buy something that kittens need, then we went to warehouse to buy some kitten food and we got everything we need and we are all good to go. So we went off to my sister's friend's house to get the kitten.
Then we arrived at the friend's house we saw the kitten it was so cute but the kitten is really scared of us so he ran away. After 5 minutes the kitten got back and the friend pick the kitten up and put the kitten in her coat and the friend put the kitten in the car.
We drove back we put the kitten in our house and the kitten was scared of us and the kitten hid under the chair.
Meanwhile, my sister put some food under the chair and finally the kitten comes out. 
Now the cat knows us we feel happy.

Monday, 8 June 2015

My Chapter Book Challenge #40

Searching effectively on google

My Reflection
I am learning to search effectively on google. I find most interesting about this workshop is you can use speech marks for searching effectively I use only to know that speech mark are only used for someone is speaking, now I know that speech marks can be use in different uses. I find this easy because I know a lot of ICT stuff. My next step is to use these information on searching.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Writing paragraphs

My Reflection
I have been learning towrite a paragraph. I now know that one paragraph is one idea and when a new event happens we use a pragraph and someone is speaking we use a paragraph. I find this hard because this is my first time to write in paragraphs. My next step is to use paragraphs in all my works.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My Term 2 Week 7 recount blog entry

Weekly Tasks
Last week Rm 28/29 started something called Weekly tasks.
We do this because Mrs Melville and Mrs Graham want us to self-control our self. So what we do is that Mrs Melville and Mrs Graham set the activities and when we completed the tasks there is a spread sheet to fill in a y in there.
When we first do this I find it hard because I have a lot of chit-chat to others. But now I find this amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.
 I like doing it this way.

Hauora activity

My Reflection
We have been learning about Hauora and understanding Hauora. I have completed this activity to show that I have understand Hauora there are 4 benefits in Hauora Taha Wairua, Taha Tinana, Taha Hinengaro and Taha Whanau.  I found this easy because the Hauora presentation already have these 4 benefits on it. My next step is to do more of these activity.