Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Chapter Book Challenge #23

My Chapter Book Challenge #22

Term 2 Week 2

Last week, on Friday we made Anzac biscuits.We put rolled oats, butter, sugar and soda in a bowl and then we made in dough after that we made the dough into biscuit shape and then we put them in the oven. First I looked it but the colour is not very. But when I have tasted it was delicious, crunchy and tender. It does not feel like a Anzac biscuit but it was yummy.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Snail Snatch (3-2-1 Non-Fiction Summery Sheet)

My Reflection

We have been learning to find information in a non-fiction book. I found it interesting to learn about snails. My next step is to find out lots of snails by using my reading strategies to find information in books.

100 Words Challenge T2 W2

I am going to war
Sitting on the side of the ship, saying goodbye as I went, staring at the crowds of people gathered to see us of... I AM GOING TO WAR!!! There is thousands of people sitting on the side of the ship, it was claustrophobic, and the oil smelt oily, my legs are dangling over the side, but I was exited. BEEP!!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!! The horn beeps. I will always remember this moment. "We are off to Gallipoli, yeah!!!" I shouted. Many people was nervous but I didn't, and many people was shouting goodbye but I didn't. Crowds people was sad they were worried. My mum cried.