Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Our Solar System Inquiry Evidence T3

My Reflection
I am learning to identify the conditions on Earth and Saturn. I find it easy to identify Earth's conditions but I find it hard to identify the conditions from Saturn because I don't know what Saturn is like, I already know some conditions on Earth. My next step is to learn about other planet's conditions.

T3 W6 Reading

My Reflection
In our reading group we have been reading about Hanging in there, there were some questions we had to answer, I find this a little bit hard because it was hard to identify some character traits. My next step is to practice more on character traits.

Japanese Student Visit

Last week was the Japanese Students from Hoshino School visit to our school, they brought us lots of activities to play with. This is me with Abimbola wearing a kimono. Overall it was a great day for us to experience Japanese culture.

Maths Olympiad

Last week was the Year 6 Maths Olympiad, Quintina, Tianna, Raquel and I was in the team for the Maths Olympiad for our class, it was fun even though we came last. Calvin, Tanzee, Gemma and Quinn's team for Rm 20 won. I will practice more at my maths problems. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

My Speech (Sugar is bad for your health)

My Reflection
We are learning to write a persuasive speech using persuasive techniques.  Speeches are fun to write but hard to say it in front of the whole class, when I stand up and did my speech to the whole class I was nervous.  My next step is to practice more next time when I write a speech to say it confidently to the whole class.  Today Matua chose Ty and Zvaryn to do the speech finals they were confident and clear.  I will try really hard next time to get in the speech finals.

T3 W6 Math Evidence

My Reflection
We are learning to solve division problems that have fraction in the answer.  I found it easy because I know how it would be when you divide it and the answer you get is decimals, so then I had to convert it to fractions.  My next step is to learn how to convert fractions to decimals and percentages.