Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Term 3 Week 8 recount

"Mum how long are we there?" I asked.
"A few minutes later!"
Finally, we were there at Elim Collage at the Koanga Festival. Mrs Graham told us the way to go to the changing rooms.

First, I went to one of the rooms to change. In the rooms I saw the teachers that are waiting and some of the Kapa Haka students are waiting as well. I got my uniform and I went to change behind the shelf. I felt excited and a bit nervous that we going to perform in front all the audience. then Mrs Melville told us to do the moko, toanga and feathers on heads, we look beautiful as a swan and we sang happy birthday to Mrs Plowright because it was her birthday and she was so happy.

Next, we did some polish on our performance in the rooms. After a while we finished polishing the performance the helper in the Collage takes us to a room to get ready. Then we went into the a black curtain and in the our front it was the stage, we waited a few minutes until the other school finished.

After that, we walked on the stage and looked at the audience, the festival seems to be more smaller because the audience is not so much but I saw Mrs Johnston, Mrs Plowright, Mrs Graham, Mrs Hodge, Mrs Huges and even Mrs Melville and Matua Feanaza who teaches us, after looking at the audience the guitar started, we started, we started our performance. We first sang E nga iwi, and then Jade B, Olivia, Jade dis the Kainga, then we started the whakaeke. And then Te Whenua and the poi song, and then the Haka and and the closing song and then we ended the performance. Jade and Caleb walked to the front and two of the students gave them a certificate and then we headed of stage behind the curtain and up to the changing rooms we each got a lolly and we went to change when we finished some people went to buy some food at the food stall others go home.

Me and my mum went to the food stalls it is really hard to decide. Finally, we dicided that we are going to have a snowie with lots of colour flavors on it and my little sister had a sprinkle Mr Whippy ice cream then we finished our food and went home.

Overall I thought it was a brilliant performance at the Koanga festival our Kapa Haka group have done well. Mrs Melville said we were amazing and Matua Feanaza too. I am looking forward to do this again even we need to practice a long time like this year we practiced a  year but we performed well.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Tessellation Geometry Game

My Reflection
I am learning to make and investigate shapes that tessellate.
I had to record when I am playing the game.
I thought it was easy because I know what tessellation is.
I chose to share my learning by creating a recording a game.
I thought it was easy because I know how to record.
My next step is to is to learn more about tessellation.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Term 3 Week 7 recount

In the morning
This morning, I was too tired to woke up even it was Spring time.

First, the alarm went and I couldn't get up so I put the alarm into a snooze. after 10 minutes the alarm rings again and was still really tired so i put into a snooze again, I keep doing this because I was too too too tired until I look at the clock and it was 7:20 so I got up. I quickly get into dressed into my school uniform that is already lying on my chair.

Then, I got out of my bedroom to the kitchen to make my lunch and breakfast, I packed in crackers for morning tea and dumplings for lunch I started making breakfast as well as when I am making lunch, I make cereal with milk and water for drinking when i finished I went to eating my breakfast at the dining table, the sun was streaming on me. I am sitting with my sisters and grandparents the sun stream on them too. I finished eating my breakfast. 

Nest, I went to brush my teeth at the sink, the water was so freezing that my teeth feels it as well, anyway I brushed my teeth. I finished brushed my teeth.

Finally, I am all ready to go so I went walking to school. Overall i thought it has been a busy morning it has been lots happening. I am looking forward to have a good morning not a busy morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Geometry 3D shapes

My Reflection
I was learning to recognise and describe 3D shapes in mathematical language.  I find this easy because I already know what 3D shapes are called in mathematical language. My next step is to learn more 3D shapes.