Thursday, 30 June 2016

Punctuation Slideshow

My Reflection

In class we have been learning how to use different types of punctuation.  I find it easy for learning the punctuation but I also find hard on filling out the short story on the slideshow. I learnt a lot of punctuation like speech marks, ellipsis, apostrophe etc.  The best part of this piece of work is filling out the slideshow.  My next step is try to write stories using 4 or more types of punctuation I have learnt.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Samoan Language Week

My Reflection

Last week, our class celebrated Samoan Language Week, we got to learn about Samoa.  We learnt a dance and a song at the end of the week and we performed it at assembly and also our class had a shared lunch too to close off Samoan Language Week, we had lots of Samoan traditional food, it was delicious.  At the end, our class made a slideshow all about Samoa.  Overall it was an awesome week, my highlight was the shared lunch that we did.